Manage Field Employees with Field Force Management Software

Industries employing field executives are miserably struggling to coordinate and manage them. This is because of the lack of field force management software that can automate managing the field crew.

The field force management software market is expected to grow from USD 1,148 Million in 2020 to USD 2,548.58 Million by 2025. This is because many industries have realized how easily and successfully the software can solve their challenges regarding field employees.

Read our article to learn more about these challenges and how exactly the software is helping out.

Challenges Managers Face with Field Employees

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Supervising field executives can be a nightmarish task as a manager. They must manage them and form tasks and strategies that fully utilize their potential. But while doing so, managers might face a lot of challenges, such as:

Tracking Productivity

Tracking their on-field employees’ productivity is real challenge managers struggle with. Mainly because the employees are never in front of them. And since the employees are not under supervision, there are high chances of them being a little less productive. Due which deadlines will not be met, the cost of operation will increase, and the chances of losing customers will increase.

Misleading Attendance

It is very easy for field employees to mislead their managers since they are not in the office. Traffic is often used as an excuse for delays in serving clients. Buddy punching is another way field agents time theft while working hours. Because of this, managers struggle with collecting authentic attendance. 

Struggle with Managing Documents

Field employees have complained that they find it challenging to service clients and safely keep documents and paperwork. Paperwork could include feedback forms and other documents related to work. Field executives complain that they have to be extra careful while on the road to protect these documents from theft or rain. Loss of these documents can negatively affect a company’s data collection.


A particular skill set is required to work in medical or real estate industries, and not every employee fits the bill perfectly. In addition, assigning tasks and scheduling shifts is a challenge for managers since they are unsure of the status of their employees. 

Employee Satisfaction

Managers often overlook that employees’ satisfaction and happiness affect their productivity and motivation, even on the field. This motivation and satisfaction can be affected due to delayed reimbursements and not getting due compliments.

Communication Gap

Maintaining open communication can promote high-quality performance. But unfortunately, there is a communication gap between the manager and on-field employees due to the distance. This gap can lead to miscommunication and a decline in productivity since the employees struggle to finish tasks, and there is no one to ask for help.

What is a Field Force Management Software

Field force management software is a system used to track field employees’ location, tasks, and attendance. Not only this but the software is supposed to help managers manage their field force in a much more effective and productive manner. 

The software automates many of the organization’s functions, which earlier proved time-consuming, meagre, and repetitive. This helps the manager to form time and cost-effective and error-free strategies to benefit the company.

How can Workforce Management Software Help With the challenges?

The manager using field force management software can reap many benefits from it. First, the software uses automation of tasks, reducing errors in work done manually. 

Investing in good field force management software can affect your sales positively, as the employees assigned will be perfectly skilled and on time for service. And remember, a happy customer is a loyal customer. Continue reading how field force management software can help with overcoming the challenges.

Geocoded Attendance

Field force management software guarantees authentic attendance through geocoded attendance feature. Due to this, field executives can only mark their attendance when they reach the first location of their tasks. This helps to eliminate excuses and buddy punching. 

If still not ensured, you can request visual verification. In which the photo is time-stamped with real-time latitude and longitude.

Real-Time Location and Task Tracking 

Real-time tracking of field force is one of the notable advantages of field force management software. Through the application, the managers can see the location and route history and monitor time spent accurately.

Not only location but also tasks completed can also be tracked. By linking location and tasks, the managers can have real-time updates on their phones without having to call constantly.

Analytical Reports

No more waiting for quarterly reports with the field force management system. Instead, it can generate real-time accurate and detailed reports on each employee’s performance. It is beneficial for managers to measure the success of their strategies, performance, and productivity of their employees. As a result, he can better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Digital Documents and Custom Forms

The software lets employees upload essential documents on the cloud to solve the problem of carrying physical documents. They also have custom forms that can be used in whatever way the managers need them, like feedback or other information collection forms. In addition, they can be filled digitally and remotely.

Remote Task Management 

The bulk task uploading feature of the software allows managers to upload tasks in advance, which is great for productivity and time-saving. Furthermore, he can add, delete and edit tasks remotely and the changes will be visible to his employees on their app.

Automated Reimbursement

Maintaining his employees’ motivation and happiness of his employee’s quick reimbursement is the key. The software automates the whole process of reimbursement. This is because, meaning that the employee no longer needs to save his bills rather, he can just upload them on the app.

The bills will be visible to his managers automatically, thus saving time. Additionally, managers can put a limit on the reimbursement amount. This limit is customizable according to team and designation.

In Built Chatbox

To promote open and accessible communication between managers and field employees, the software has an in-built chat box. This makes it easy for employees to ask queries and ask doubts without switching to multiple platforms. They can share voice notes and media as well. Not only managers but also other team members can also communicate.

Let TrackoField Help You Managing Field Employees

Now that you know the challenges you might face while managing field force. It’s the right time to invest in field force management software. This will help you manage your field crew in an optimized manner.

TrackoField is a leading field force management system. And with the tools and features offered in one platform are enough to help you utilize the potential of your field executives.

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