Top Tips for Your AVEVA MES Implementation Strategy

What is Wonderware MES

Wonderware MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a potent software programme created by AVEVA, a famous industry pioneers in information management and industrial automation. Wonderware MES offers real-time visibility, control, and analysis of production processes in order to optimise and simplify manufacturing operations. It provides a wide range of features and abilities to assist businesses in efficiently managing production tasks, enhancing product quality, and streamlining inventory and material handling procedures. Manufacturers can enhance their operational insights, make data-driven choices, and promote continuous improvement throughout their manufacturing ecosystem using Wonderware MES. AVEVA (Wonderware) MES gives businesses the tools they need to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability in their manufacturing settings, whether it is through order management, scheduling, quality control, or inventory management.

MES Solution: planning and implementation strategy

The majority of major firms have either deployed manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions or are considering doing so. Many industrial businesses are still installing, integrating, or capturing MES capabilities on a regular basis even if they have not officially deployed MES. All businesses use their current supervisory control and data acquisition/human-machine interface (SCADA/HMI) systems or even manual logs to process orders, manage materials, and track staff in a variety of unconventional ways.

Although the non-standard MES application may produce the desired results, it misses chances for process analysis, quality improvement, change management, material traceability, and continuous improvement.

Software for MES solutions is intended to serve as a bridge between shop floor process control and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Numerous functional MES modules are often used and offer well-defined operations management. This covers quality assurance, manufacturing-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), and real-time production order management.

Tips for the successful Wonderware MES Implementation

To accomplish a successful deployment of AVEVA MES (Manufacturing Execution System), meticulous planning and execution are required. Here are some crucial recommendations for your Wonderware MES deployment plan:

Define clear objectives:

Establish your Wonderware MES implementation goals and objectives in detail. Determine the precise areas for improvement and the intended affects you want the MES system to provide. This will assist you in maintaining focus and gauging the effectiveness of your implementation.

Conduct a thorough needs assessment:

Make a thorough analysis of your current production procedures, work flows, and data management techniques. Determine the problems, obstructions, and inefficiencies you want the MES system to solve. You may use this evaluation to ensure that the implementation plan meets all of your needs.

Involve key stakeholders:

Early on in the process, involve all essential parties, such as operations managers, IT staff, production managers, and shop floor workers. Obtain their feedback, comprehend their requirements, and resolve their worries. The implementation will be more successful and have higher buy-in if important stakeholders are included early on.

Ensure data integrity and connectivity:

Establish reliable data gathering methods and make sure AVEVA MES is easily connected to your current systems (such as ERP, SCADA, PLCs, etc.). To assure data integrity throughout the whole manufacturing ecosystem, define data standards, validation policies, and data synchronisation procedures. Real-time visibility and precise reporting require integration with other systems.

Plan for scalability and flexibility:

Take into account the flexibility and long-term scalability of your AVEVA MES system. Consider how business demands will change and evolve in the future. Pick a scalable design that facilitates simple growth and adaptability. Make that the MES system can handle extra facilities, new production lines, and growing processes without causing significant interruptions or requiring a lot of rework.

Focus on change management:

Existing processes and workflows will unavoidably alter as a result of the implementation of a new MES system. Create a thorough change management strategy to handle any employee resistance or worries. To guarantee a seamless transition, communicate the system’s advantages, give proper training, and offer continuing support. The effectiveness of the deployment is largely dependent on user involvement and acceptance.

Continuous improvement and optimization:

Consider Wonderware MES as a chance for ongoing development. Utilise the system’s capabilities to spot opportunities for improvement, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and promote workflow changes. Review and analyse data often to locate bottlenecks, improve procedures, and make data-driven choices that will increase productivity and efficiency.

Engage with Wonderware support and community:

Utilise the information and assistance provided by Wonderware. interact with their support staff, go to training classes, and take part in online forums and user communities. This will assist you in keeping abreast of the most recent product advancements, best practises, and troubleshooting methods, eventually helping you to get the most out of your Wonderware MES setup.


The installation of Wonderware MES requires a comprehensive strategy that addresses both organisational and technological issues. You may improve your chances of a successful deployment and fully utilise Wonderware MES in your industrial environment by paying attention to these pointers.

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