Tips to Pack Moving Boxes

One of the most tough things that you need to do when shifting to a new place is to arrange and pack the items systematically in the moving boxes. Simply putting the items inside the boxes and then sealing them with a strong tape is not sufficient. Although the boxes are strong, sturdy and robust, that sometimes does not guarantee the protection of the items, especially the fragile items. Along with the items you need to keep some extra packaging materials inside the box. If you do so, your items will reach their destination safely without any damage.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the tips that we all need to follow while packing the moving boxes. You can easily get these boxes and other packaging materials from the nearby shops or order them online. Globe Packaging is an eCommerce website where you will get different types of packaging materials such as parcel boxes, bubble wrap rolls, strong and cheap storage boxes and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the tips that we all need to follow for packing cardboard boxes during shifting so that we do not face any issues or problems in the future.

Gather All The Essential Packaging Materials

Select all the essential packaging materials that you need to pack your items and then gather all of them together. Make sure that the moving boxes that you are choosing are strong, sturdy, reusable and recyclable. Moreover, they should be customisable and also must be available in different shapes and sizes for different types of items. Avoid using old and used boxes as they may not be strong enough to carry the items and may collapse at a certain point of time. With the boxes, do not forget to include other packaging materials such as foam rolls, bubble wrap rolls, packing tape, tape gun, foam peanuts, kraft paper, marker pens, labels and so on.

Categorise Both The Items and The Boxes

Categorise your items according to rooms or according to the frequency of their use and then select the boxes for those items. For example, if you want to pack the items of the bedroom first, then select the boxes accordingly, that is the number of boxes you need and the different sizes of boxes that you need to pack the items of the bedroom. The same goes for the kitchen and other rooms. Make sure that you are using other packaging materials, if required.

Fill Up The Voids Inside The Boxes

After putting the items inside the moving boxes, sometimes there remains one or many voids inside them. Make sure that you are filling those voids for the safety of your items during transit. You do not need to do any extraordinary thing for it. You just need to fill the voids either with brown packing paper, or kraft paper. Still there are few empty spaces remaining, you can cover them up with foam peanuts as well. If you are packing a fragile item, make sure to use a lot of foam peanuts for extra protection of the item.

Use Bubble Wrap Rolls to Pack The Fragile Items

Packing fragile and breakable items may require extra effort. You need to layer them with different types of packaging materials. First thing first, you need to wrap them with bubble wraps that act as a cushion for these breakable items. The task does not end here. After properly wrapping the items with bubble wraps, you need to put them inside the box and then you need to fill the empty spaces with kraft papers or foam peanuts as discussed above. Make sure that you do not miss a single empty space which may affect the item during transit very badly. Use the small bubble wraps for the small fragile items and large bubble wraps for the fragile items that are large, such as furniture. There are also anti-static bubble wraps available in the market. They are pink in colour and used for electronic devices.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips you need to follow while packing the moving boxes. However, do not forget to seal the boxes from all the sides with a strong packing tape. No matter how much effort you put in wrapping and packing the items, if you do not seal them properly, your hard work will not be fruitful at all. So, pay much attention to the last step of the packing that will keep your items completely safe. Also do not forget to use labels and marker pens to mention some delicate and important items that are there in the boxes.

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