Things to keep in mind before going into a Title IX hearing

A Title IX hearing is a legal proceeding, led by the judge where evidence and arguments are present from both sides to get to the outcome of the case. During the hearing, both the complainant and the accused should be present with their legal officers and defense attorneys who are presenting them. There will be a systematic way in which the hearing will proceed and you should be prepared for every step. As mistakes inside the court can cost you a lot and so you must be careful. If you are worried about your Title IX proceeding, then here are some things to keep in mind as suggested by a California education lawyer:

Be ready with your statement 

Your statement plays a huge role in the final decision of the judge. And so you must spend a good amount of time with your attorney preparing yourself for court. They will help you in preparing the statement and ensuring that nothing goes out of place during questioning.

Keep evidence ready 

Though the process of collection of evidence happens prior to the hearing date, you should keep everything in place before moving to the court.  Even a single missed detail can lead to huge trouble and you may face unfair punishment due to lack of ability to back your claim.

Be ready for cross-questioning

Attorneys are smart at winding the culprit around their questions. They will try to trap you in loopholes and statements that you have yourself given. Thus, before you go to the hearing, have a one-on-one questioning session with your attorney to practice your answers, and to ensure that you are not caught up in any place.

Review your rights

Even the accused have rights within the court and rules that need to be followed. Sit with your attorney to understand how not to behave in court and when to answer a question and when to skip. Apart from these, be well-versed with your rights such as the right to dignity and respect so that no one crosses that boundary.

The best way to handle anything is to move according to the plan and stay calm. Prepare yourself for the worst of questions and blames during the hearing and still try to stay focused and firm on your statement. Rehearse your statements and do not miss out on any detail, no matter how minute it is. 

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