The many lifting and handling equipment

If you’re a manager, handler, or forklift driver, this article is ideal for you, hand pallet trucks in pakistan. This week, you will find an overview of the handling and lifting equipment you might require, which can be found at our Espace-Equipment store.

The pallet truck

hand pallet trucks in pakistan are the most significant and most commonly used storage device used in warehouses. It is simple to operate and allows you to lift and move pallets loaded with loads almost effortlessly. There are manual pallet trucks as well as electric pallet trucks. They work the same way comprising two forks and a drawbar. They allow you to move and lift objects using wheels beneath the forks.

The stacker

The stacker, whether manual or electric, can permit the transport of pallets. What makes it different from that of a pallet truck? The stacker uses a vertical handle and does it quite quickly. Forks permit you to put yourself beneath the pallet, and the drawbar is linked to a hydraulic mast that allows heavy loads to be lifted easily. This system does not require any CACES to use it.

The table that lifts

The lifting table provides a guarantee of optimal comfort for workers. Manual or semi-electric It is utilized for various reasons, including to position packages and loads in the highest storage areas so that the person handling them is not required to exert an effort to lift them. It is also used as an additional conditioning table. The single scissor-lift tables can raise to 800mm, similar to pallet trucks with high lifts; however, unlike the latter, they come with an elevated platform that can accommodate the non-palletized load. Two scissor tables can lift to 1500mm.

Fixed an electric The lifting table is fixed and electric, it can support large loads, and it lifts and lowers without exerting effort. The adjustable height of 1220 millimeters in single scissors and 1780mm in double scissors allows you to work on significant mechanical components within the workplace or an industrial setting, for instance.

The trolley that handles

The trolley for handling is an essential item for any warehouse. Workshop trolley with platform and sides, or multi-levels there’s THE hand pallet trucks in pakistan trolley that is suited to your specific needs. It can carry weights up to 1800kg without maintenance or close to it. Don’t hesitate to look over the various handling trolleys in our catalog.

A image of hand pallet trucks in pakistan

The handle devil

Made of steel or aluminum that folds and has folding flaps or bottle holders, many kinds of hand trucks let you take trucks off or move furniture without emptying it, or transport drums or move down curbs and stairs quickly because of their six wheels. Solid, they are simple to operate and cost-effective.

The crane in the workshop

A workshop crane can be vital for maintaining activities in the handling or mechanical field. Cranes, also known as “shop goats,” possess several features. They can lift loads of up to 2 tonnes with the help of a hydraulic arm. They can be folded or fixed based on your needs regarding space. Additionally, the workshop cranes that Espace-Equipment offers are designed to work with Euro pallets or large loads to best satisfy your requirements.

The lifting Jack

Lifting jacks are frequently not mentioned in lists of equipment for handling materials. Most often, it is relayed to the automotive industry, but it’s still effective and used in nearly every field. The hydraulic jacks in our catalog enable lifting heavy loads that weigh up to 10 tons by a single pressure. So you can quickly raise your equipment, machinery, and tools to get a complete 360-degree view. What’s the process? The Jack is placed on either a rolling, pivoting, or fixed leg, depending on your requirements, folded steel, and equipped with a hydraulic handle. Place the Jack on top to raise the machine and then move the handle down.


We should not overlook waste disposal when we speak of lifting or handling in the workshop and workshop management. Self-tipping skips are essential for the workshop to comply with health and safety requirements. The skips provided by Espace-Equipment have been designed to be attached to your forklift trucks in pakistan. They offer you to have a more efficient and convenient process for removing waste, thanks to the numerous models and an automated switchover.

This list of tools is not comprehensive, and our knowledgeable advisors are ready to help you with your concerns and concerns.

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