The Best Tools To Help Tutors With Class Management

Can we ask you something? What comes to your mind first when you hear class management?

Experienced teachers know that managing a classroom productively is very essential for a successful online class. The faculty can be teaching the most engaging and well-thought-off lesson but the class could fall off if the teacher is inefficacious in class management. 

In the digital age we live in now, it is required that teachers equip themselves with innovative technology tools. Technology is a trustworthy tool that can help in making the teaching and learning process informative and enjoyable. 

Instead of focusing on the topic and taking notes, students are scrolling and surfing the web. However, as students are using more high-tech devices, teachers must have access to the resources to keep pace with the growing tech culture. Because of the pandemic situations, many tutors have to teach online for the first time, where technology is being used to pass the information. Regardless of its advantages, online teaching and learning have their challenges. 

Lack Of Knowledge About Technology

Though the new generation is fully aware and proficient in working with technology doesn’t necessarily translate to digital literacy. Most teachers are neither aware nor trained to use online digital teaching tools and processes. Some of them face considerable problems in adapting to the imperatives of conducting online virtual classes. In fact, the majority of teachers never even had the exposure to teaching online. 

Most parents, students, and teachers are unaware and do not know the learning process and streaming systems. Without the data and system setup, the whole process of class management is becoming unbearable for teachers and students. All the instructors and attendees don’t even have the required devices, some are sharing laptops, and some are even missing all the classes. 

Progress Tracking

When you’re teaching remotely, it’s challenging to maintain that kind of personal interaction with the students that can be maintained in face-to-face personal classes. Which is also used to help teachers to identify students that are lagging behind or simply neglecting things in particular subjects. While teachers do conduct a collection of assessments online too, to get a detailed report on students’ progress. However, students have innovated ways to ditch online classes, cleverly. As teachers have to spend considerable time creating the lesson and study material, there’s hardly any scope left in online learning to engage with students personally. 

Self Motivation

It was the idea that online learning could be interactive and captivating for the new generation of students. Though, the results are contrary. Endless oceans of assignments, quizzes, MCQs, and other cultural activities have led to students losing motivation. Recurring technical issues, internet problems, and tedious lectures cause a lack of attention and distractions. Ergo, most students find learning online boring and uneventful. 

With the lack of accountability, education quality has been compromised. Coupled with the excess use of laptops, and mobile phones while studying, interruptions have become countless.

Selection Of Right Tool

One other key challenge of online learning is deciding on the right tools and platform to use. In times of need, online learning tools have appeared as a boon. But not every student has a readily available device and internet access. While planning for the online classes it’s important to note that not all the parents and students are that proficient. For that, an initial email or personal session about the class details will allow them to flag issues and to ask questions related to the platform, devices, and any other class management-related query.

Tools To Help Tutors With Class Management

Ideally, where technology, motivation, and approaches are learner-centered and encouraging in two-way autonomous learning and communication, even the online class can become a space where a student is free to explore their talent and their voice. Below mentioned are some resources and the best tools to help tutors with class management, that both teachers and students may find helpful in online learning. 


This innovative learning platform is packed with powerful features that can help easily schedule appointments, classes, and rooms. With the help of an online class scheduling software like Picktime, you can have effective class management with assured productivity and personality development. 

With a personalized booking page and 24×7 available class booking features, create a class, set the number of slots/attendees with fixed time duration, and share the booking page link with your students. Integrate with your preferred payment mode – Paypal or Stripe and accept the tuition fees with the ease of walking in a park. With Picktime, sync your calendar and contacts, and manage all your classes and staff availability. This will also reduce admin work of sending reminders for the lined-up sessions. Additionally, you can also have insightful analytics of class efficacy with a detailed report from your dashboard on booking, attendance, and performance. Get started for free today. Picktime is a suite of online tools that saves time and paper and makes it easy to create classes, communicate effectively and stay organized. Other benefits of using Picktime:

  • Multiple Location Access
  • 24 Hours Email Support
  • Reduce No Show
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Secure
  • Improves Management

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a learning platform developed by Google for educational purposes. I is primarily used to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. Teachers can create and distribute the assignments within the google domain. With Google Classroom teachers can monitor the progress of each student by reviewing the revision history of a document and can return the work along with grades and suggestions. The classroom can be accessed on the web or via the IOS and Android mobile apps, called Classroom. Students can track their work progress, and what’s pending on the assignment page with a single click. 


Initially, Evernote was not designed for teachers’ use, yet it’s free available version is one of the best tools for online learning. In Evernote users can add more than texts to their notes, including photos, files, and to-do lists. Teachers can use Evernote for personal development and organizing their lessons. In addition, Evernote also allows users to sync their notes with all the devices, so users have the access to them even when they’re offline. 


A Socrative specializes in giving instant feedback from students. It has a mission to connect students and teachers as learning happens, with fun and effective tools to gauge understanding in real-time. Socrative teachers can allot a set of real-time questions for their students to answer and can aggregate the results. From quizzes to polls, manage whatever type of activity with different rooms for different projects.


Zoom meetings is a video telephony software programmed and developed by Zoom Video Communication. Other than the free plans, users have the option to upgrade for more features by subscribing to a paid plan. Zoom also provides whiteboard space for individuals, hybrid teams, and remote teams to brainstorm and learn. Zoom has a vision and mission of frictionless, secure, and empowering communication. 

Assessing students’ knowledge in online learning appeared to be more difficult than in-person traditional learning. But with the right tools, you will notice that it is even easier, enjoyable, and engaging for both students and teachers.

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