Signs You Need a Business Coach (and How to Find the Right One)

Hiring a business coach can bring a number of advantages, but it’s sometimes difficult for entrepreneurs to recognize when they need help. Learning the warning signs of burnout is a great start; these include feeling exhausted or overly stressed even when you’re not at work, struggling to concentrate, and having a hard time coming up with solutions or ideas for your business. A business coach can also be helpful if you just feel you need some assistance with growth, or if you need to change up your business plan a bit. Ventweek shares a few things to consider when you’re ready to search for the perfect business coach:

Narrow down your needs

Before you can find the perfect coaching partnership, you need to figure out exactly what your needs are. Consider a few goals and write down any questions you might have for the coach you want to work with. You can also think about how you might answer certain questions about your business, such as where you see your company going in the next few years.

Look for someone you mesh with

A great business coach can do many things to help you reach your goals, including writing a stellar business plan that details your products or services, your customers, the structure you’ll be using, and your budget. Read this ZenBusiness guide on starting a company so you can make sure you fully understand the process involved before you start planning. This will include naming your business, choosing a structure, developing a marketing plan, and finding funding.

The right coach can help you figure out your target market, but they need to understand you and your business in order to get a handle on your needs. That’s why it’s so important to ask for a free consultation with a coach; this will allow you to have a conversation and find out whether the two of you mesh well, and it’s a great indicator as to whether you’ll be a good fit for one another.

Look for specialized skills

Many business coaches set their sights on specific skills, such as marketing, so if you need help spreading the word about your company it will be to your benefit to work with someone who has extensive experience in that field. Think about different strategies, since there are multiple methods to choose from. Traditional paths might include renting a billboard or printing out flyers, but you can also utilize essential social media and digital marketing methods. Facebook is a great place to start since you can use a Facebook ads maker to easily build a custom advertisement using your business’s logo and other branding.

Use resources of your own

Whether you need help with marketing, strategizing, or developing new skills, a business coach can be incredibly useful, but if you can’t afford those services just yet, look for resources you can use on your own for the moment. If one of the issues you face is a lack of organization, consider using a process map template, which is a wonderful tool that allows you and your employees to remain productive and analyze the outcomes of your projects.

As you acquire and improve your skills, be sure to update your resume. Even if you work for yourself, you may join another company in the future so having an up-to-date resume is good practice. Here’s a free resume builder you can use if you need to update yours. You can add your photo as well as customizing the layout and look. Once complete, you can download or reference it online as needed.

Hiring a business coach can be extremely beneficial whether you’re just starting your business or looking to scale one, but it’s essential to make sure you understand what your needs are first and how to communicate those needs once you find someone you want to work with. Coming up with a plan can take some time, but if you’re well prepared you’ll be able to work out a strategy quickly.

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