Who Is Noah Jupe? Noah Jupe’s Age, Career, Net Worth, Personal Life And More

Noah Jupe

Noah was born on October 22, 2002, and right now, he is 14 years old. He is an English actor who is best known for playing the role of Marcus Brewer in the movie A Monster Calls (2016) and Tom in The Night Manager. Noah was born in London, United Kingdom, and that makes his nationality British and ethnicity white. Noah has one older brother named Josh that he loves spending time with onset. He once enrolled at LAMDA drama school but later dropped out after a few months because he found it too demanding to juggle school and acting.

Jupe is such a modest guy when it comes to talking about himself; he says, “I think I’m all right at most things, I’m not someone who’s going to excel at something, you know? I’m just one of those boys who try to go sideways with everything.”

Noah Jupe’s parents

Before we start with Noah’s personal life, let’s first enjoy some information about his family. His father is called Robert Keith “Bob” Jupe, and his mother’s name is Isabella Jupe. Noah’s father was a builder, and after struggling for some years, he opened up a garden design company called Aqua Vista Landscape Design in 2011. Before that, Bob worked as a bricklayer and then converted into his own business.

Noah Jupe age

Noah is just 14 years old at the moment, so he still has a lot of time to achieve some great things in his life. Even though Noah’s parents are wealthy, they have modestly raised him. He likes to spend some quality time with his friends rather than hanging out with other rich kids.

Physical Appearance of Noah Jupe

Noah has got nice hair color, and he has brown eyes as well. Noah is a handsome boy with a height of 5 feet 7 inches. He looks very charming in his black-framed glasses! Before getting into acting, Noah was interested in playing football, but then he found that this was not what he wanted to do with his life one day.


Noah holds British nationality and ethnicity wise, and he is white. In the future, we will see Noah moving from London to the USA because he’s currently receiving offers from Hollywood films, so we hope for the best. We wish him luck for his upcoming projects and also want him to stay healthy for many years; after all, he is still very young!

Noah Jupe movies & TV shows

Jupe made his acting debut in the television series Doctor Who in 2013. He has also starred in the film A Monster Calls which was released in 2016. Noah played Marcus Brewer, a witty schoolboy who finds solace in listening to O’Shea’s stories, imagined as an ancient yew tree monster. The movie received critical acclaim internationally, and it grossed $2 million worldwide on its budget of just $12m.

The Night Manager was another successful project where Noah played Tom under the starring of famous actor Tom Hiddleston. Noah is filming for the upcoming projects The Darkest Minds, Loving Vincent, and more, so we can expect some great things from him shortly.

Career of Noah Jupe

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Noah started acting at the age of 9, where he worked in theatrical productions. He made his first TV appearance towards 2015 when he played a character named Bartleby in episode 3 of season 4 of The Living and the Dead.

Noah was headstrong for getting into movies at an early age, although it took him almost five years to get his big break because he had no experience in screen work before appearing in A Monster Calls. However, this did not discourage him because that same year, Jupe landed another role as Tom Nickalls alongside Tom Hiddleston, which served well for his career growth. Moreover, Jupe’s ability to play both comedic and severe roles is able! The actor even bagged another position in an episode of the BBC series Doctors.

Jupe has appeared in major movies like The Night Manager, A Monster Calls (2016), and The Darkest Minds (2018). One of his most significant breakthrough roles came when he played Marcus Brewer opposite Liam Neeson’s character in the critically acclaimed drama/fantasy film A Monster Calls (2016). He was praised for playing a confused child dealing with bullying at school and his mother dying of cancer. Noah has also starred alongside Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Coleman. 

Noah’s Personal life

Noah is only 12 years old, and he does not have a girlfriend or a wife, but we wish him good luck on this matter, too, because all boys at the age of 12 want to have a girlfriend. We hope that Noah will become famous during his teens so that girls start following him and fall in love with him. 

He is a British actor, and he has proven himself as a talented young actor who can play both comedic and serious roles. His success story will inspire many other youngsters out there to show their talent because Jupiter could succeed without being from an acting background, as most actors do these days. 

Noah Jupe social Profile

Noah is not very active on social media. He has only around 2k followers on Instagram and more petite than 3k followers on Twitter. However, he does use both of the platforms to share some photos with his friends and family. 

Awards of Noah Jupe

Jupe has been nominated for the BAFTA Awards thrice. He was first appointed in the “BAFTA Rising Star Award,” but he did not win it. However, this did not make him lose hope as he bagged another two nominations from 2017 and 2018, respectively. Noah got his first victory when he won a Teen Choice Award for his outstanding performance in The Night Manager (2016).

Noah Jupe Net worth

Noah Jupe is one of the youngest talented actors in Hollywood. He has already won recognition for his work and bagged a Teen choice award, proving that he has a promising career ahead! We hope Jupe remains focused and continues to amaze us with more of his performances.

Jupe did not appear on any of the social media platforms before 2015. However, this did not make him lose out on fame because he worked hard for it, day by day. His net worth is around 1 million dollars, but we will have to wait until he gets more mainstream projects to confirm this!

Does Downton Abbey include Noah Jupe?

Jupe debuted as an actor in the television shows Penny Dreadful and Downton Abbey in 2015. He contributed significantly to the spy thriller series The Night Manager later in 2016. He also had a crucial part in the 2016 television series Houdini & Doyle.


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