Let’s talk about the difference between alkaline water purifiers & UV water purifiers! 

Water purifiers are a necessary component of our homes since they are crucial to providing pure water. There are numerous varieties of water purifiers on the market. Biocera Alkaline Water provides a cleaner that will help to drink better water. Alkaline water purifiers and UV water purifiers are the two fundamental varieties, both of which are provided by Panasonic. Both of these water purifiers differ in a few key ways.

Alkaline water purifiers generally remove acids from water that can be very detrimental to a person’s health.

You may ensure the safety of your life and the lives of those close to you and your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle by using an alkaline water filter.

Water Purifier: Alkaline

You can obtain alkaline water with the use of a cleaner. This has a PH level that is higher than that of ordinary water. Alkaline water is reported to have a pH of 8 or even 9, whereas normal drinking water has a PH of 7. The use of Biocera alkaline water filter has both benefits and drawbacks.

Some advantages include enhanced metabolism, illness prevention, and bone growth. However, there are hazards associated with drinking water, such as vomiting, muscular irritability, nausea and others.

UV water purification:

UV water purifiers use the UV rays from the sun to get rid of bacteria and dangerous substances from the water. The DNA of bacteria is known to be destroyed by the sun’s UV radiation. The rays also stop germs and other dangerous organisms from increasing too much. However, this purifier is not very good at cleaning salt-dissolved water.

Difference between these two purifiers- 

  • The alkaline water purifier neutralizes the water’s acid content to alkaline. It raises the pH level of the water, which is beneficial to human health. 
  • Even if it may appear pricey, purchasing this will guarantee you live a healthy life, which is unquestionably the most important thing.
  • In contrast, a UV water purifier is also a good option. It can be used when the input water is soft because it has fewer total dissolved solids. 
  • It can purify the water and make it safe by eliminating any parasites that may be present. You get delicious water from it, and the Biocera alkaline water filter is not chemically purified.
  • As water flows through the cleaner, UV rays eliminate bacteria in the water. This will protect you from several diseases and is especially helpful if you value your health.
  • Biocera Alkaline Water gives you the option of one of these purifiers or a hybrid of the two. 
  • It employs a Quartz UV filtration medium. This model is the best option for fundamental purification. Therefore you can use it. 
  • When you use the alkaline water purifier, the water’s PH level rises. On the other hand, the primary function of a UV water purifier is to eliminate parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms from drinking water when used with water that has no dissolved solids. 
  • When compared to UV water purifiers, alkaline water purifiers are more expensive. However, you won’t mind spending a little bit more money if your health is important to you.
  • The utilization of electricity is another distinction. Alkaline water purifiers may run without electricity, while UV water purifiers need electricity.
  • The size of alkaline water purifiers is relatively small. They are so little that you can even fit your refrigerator with them. These resemble tiny jars.
  • UV purifiers eliminate pollutants and bacteria by utilizing the sun’s UV rays. However, some minerals that are beneficial to your health are also eliminated during this procedure. 
  • With Biocera Alkaline Water purifiers, this is not the case. By lowering the water’s acidic content, they make it alkaline. This has several positive effects on health.

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