Is Your Divorce Going To Be Difficult? Check Out Signs For A High-Conflict Divorce!

Even if you have friendly terms with your spouse, divorce can still be difficult. However, some are more conflicting than others. The challenges are more extensive, and the spouses can sometimes not even be in the same room as each other. In such cases, it helps to be prepared. 

If you believe your divorce is going to be high-conflict, you should get legal advice from an attorney today. Divorces like this require a high level of precision and expertise to navigate through the complexities. Meanwhile, here are the top signs you should look out for. 

Top signs of a high-conflict divorce –

1. Your partner is being deceitful. 

If your partner struggles to be honest, divorce may become extremely complex. They will not stop lying about anything involved in the process, and you might require the help of a skilled attorney to reveal the truth. Your partner can manipulate you about any topic, whether it is co-parenting, agreements, or any events from the past. 

If you have a deceitful partner, there is a high chance that they can hide assets during the process. They will not be honest about the assets they own and will take various measures to conceal them.

2. You and your spouse never seem to agree.

If your spouse never agrees with you, or always has the last word on everything, and constantly gets involved in heated arguments, your ongoing conflict is never going to stop. 

The spouse goes out of the way and finds reasons to fight and argue while communicating with the other spouse over text or email until they get a response. This only elevates the divorce into a high-conflict situation.

3. Your partner is vengeful. 

Many people are not happy with their marriage. They carry some feelings of ill will, and their purpose is to move out of their marriage and start a new life. 

At least one of the spouses is seeking revenge from their partner in a high-conflict divorce. They want to end their marriage. However, before doing so, they want to destroy the person and do as much damage as they can. 

A spouse whose aim is to seek revenge acts irrationally and always focuses on damaging the spouse physically, emotionally, and financially as much as possible.

4. Drug or alcohol abuse is involved.

If your spouse is a drug addict, it will affect his or her ability to parent. You may be constantly worried if your spouse is intoxicated when they are in the car with your child. 

The law takes substance abuse very seriously. The addicted spouse may be ordered to undergo alcohol testing to be eligible to have the child. However, if the spouse has no control over their addiction, the court may order supervised parenting timing.

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