How to wear track suits if you are a guy

How to wear a track suits. The modest tracksuit has come a long way since its velor flourished in the late 1970s. Once a reserve of power pedestrians, Run-DMC, and sometimes sartor-awkward trackies, today they are enjoying a revival in a much more elegant form.

Now loved by celebrities on the move, CEOs, and those in the normcore, the tracksuit has become a shortcut for the perfect blend of comfort, style, and even high luxury (hello, Balenciaga). Today we will explain how to pull out this perfect set of casual clothes as best you can.

How to wear a tracksuit as active clothing

Thanks to their name, tracksuits are already suitable for wearing as part of an active set. However, this does not mean that it is justifiable to wear any ragged hoodie and tracksuits and end up with a weekend gym look. No way. If you’re wearing a tracksuit behind the front door – and let’s face it, most of us – then you need to think about adapting.

First of all, look at the Under Armor, Nike, or Lululemon tracksuits, which taper around the calves. Thanks to them, you will get a more elegant silhouette and ensure that your appearance will be athletic, not dirty. Combine them with a tight-fitting work T-shirt and a smart sweatshirt or tech-fleece zip vest. Investing in absorbent fabrics (wicking sweat away from the body) adds shine to the tracksuit and makes it more suitable than active clothing that will take you from the gym for brunch and beyond.

When considering color schemes, do so easily. I like to stick to dark neutral shades – imagine black, gray, and khaki. These give your track suit an urban flair and are also versatile when it comes to mixing different top and bottom parts.

How to wear casual tracksuits

I even have to admit that the tracksuits have moved out of the sphere of clothes for the couch and the gym. tracksuits, which are loved by travelers, hipsters, and urban gadabouts as daily clothes, are really a thing. As has already been said, it is not easy to pull. To achieve this, you need a good dose of audacity and exactly the right elements.

Let’s start with the basics. If you wear a tracksuit as a daily outfit, do not immerse yourself in a full-fledged set. Instead, give your sweat some shape and contrast with a fitted sweater with a marble neckline and black or dark blue fitted tracksuits. You could even look at layering with a black vest like Moncler to achieve a look that combines a sporty character with high-street.

For more avid fans, check out the city’s cult brands like Champion Athletic, Supreme, or even Gucci, where you’ll find complete “n” tail tracksuits that are sure to captivate. Champion in particular boasts a range of colors from caramel to light pink in the 90’s square cuts. Combine them with massive white sneakers, such as the classic Nike Airforce One sneakers, to get an engaged street look.

If sweating alone does not interfere, consider layering with contrasting substances. Windbreakers and jackets are a great way to lift a tracksuit while maintaining an urban, relaxed feel. Zayn Malik shows an example of stacking a khaki fly fishing jacket on a darker olive tracksuit.

How to complete a tracksuit

When it comes to tracksuit accessories, the key is to keep it casual. Don’t add any that you wouldn’t swap across the gym; a baseball cap, sunnies, and bag are more than enough and will ensure that you maintain a relaxed aesthetic.

Especially in the case of bags, think of premium, athletic fabrics, and constructions, which are a stylish extension of your tracksuit. Lululemon has an enviable selection, as does Melbourne-based Rains.

It also pays to use accessories as a way to liven up your tracksuit. Add a New Era cap with the logo of your favorite baseball team or even a pair of Persol sunglasses to give this casual look a decent elegance.

What shoes to wear with a tracksuit

Given how easy the tracksuit can look, the shoes provide a great opportunity to add a touch to your outfit. Think of prominent sneakers from Balenciaga, Guiseppe Zanotti, or even Nike to put things on. This type of shoe also ensures that your set looks folded and not carelessly thrown.

If you’re wearing a tracksuit for everyday wear, think of more classic sneakers, such as Oliver Cabell sneakers or Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, which add to urban aesthetics. These are sensationally combined with narrowed tracksuits and an ordinary T-shirt. Put on your vest and classic sunglasses for a decent weekend look.

Regardless of the choice of shoes, it is important to think about socks as well. There is nothing worse than a bulky pair of white sports socks peeking out from the top otherwise completely an acceptable pair of sneakers. Instead, look for soft knitted socks that fit flush with your shoes – this will ensure a smoother line and ensure that you look athletic.

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