How is ReactJS Developer Hourly Rate Calculated Worldwide

ReactJS has already made a significant impact on the market’s front-end JavaScript ecosystem. It provides a component-based structure that aids in the development of fast and scalable front-ends for web and mobile applications. React JS has quickly gained popularity among developers and has become one of the top choices for businesses from all over the world. Hiring a skilled developer and ReactJS developer hourly rate is difficult. Let’s look closely at the pointers to consider while hiring a ReactJS developer for your business. 

An overview of average React JS developer hourly rate 

If you’re looking to hire ReactJS developer for your next project. You should choose developers for ReactJS hourly rate according to your requirements. The rates may differ worldwide. Because React JS is in high demand worldwide, the pay scale for these developers is also very competitive. The average salary of a react developer is around $20-$30 around the world. An average salary is subject to changes in a candidate’s experience and skill level. 

Checklist to hire a ReactJS developer for your firm 

Here are some qualities ReactJS developer should possess. 

Proficiency in JavaScript  

ReactJS is a JavaScript library, and your developer will have a strong grasp of the language. Its capabilities, syntax, and operations are a must for any application development. Developers must also understand JS scopes, hoisting, prototypal inheritance, DOM manipulation, event bubbling, and functions. 

Knowledge of frameworks 

Highly skilled ReactJS developers will stay up to date on the latest frameworks and technologies. And mastery of a single framework or related technology is insufficient for a React JS developer. Choose developers for ReactJS hourly rate according to your requirements. As a prerequisite, it is critical to understand the good and bad of the Backend framework. And knowing such technologies gives the developer an advantage. 

Experience in testing 

Testing is the most crucial stage in any application development to deploy quickly. There are many new testing tools, and your developer should be well-versed in every testing framework. That includes end-to-end, unit, and integrated testing on React js. If you hire a ReactJS developer, you can avoid mistakes. And write better code by learning how these testing tools and frameworks work. After all, the faster you find and fix bugs, the more time and money you save.  

Grasp of controls  

A control system helps with code management by streamlining the development process. Experience with version control systems enables developers to track changes, review old code, and quickly undo errors. Choose developers for ReactJS hourly rate according to your requirements. Aside from that, branching and merging are critical skills for developers because they allow them to work on code independently.  

Conversance with web 

ReactJS developers employ many packages, and tools, and optimize JavaScript assets. Here are some tools: 

  • Webpack– It is an open-source module bundler. And it helps to combine application resources in one single file and generates dependency graphs. 
  • NPM– NPM is the foundation of JavaScript code sharing. Developers can use Npm to download and install software packages from the registry. 
  • Yarn– Yarn is a package manager for installing software, managing dependencies, and optimizing Npm workflows. 

Knowledge of Fundamentals 

ReactJS has a massive ecosystem comprised of various components and well-known React concepts that every developer is familiar with. Choose developers for ReactJS hourly rate according to your requirements. Knowledge of React components, external styling libraries, and CSS strategies aid developers in creating highly responsive and interactive user interfaces. 


ReactJS is a vast language, and so much to offer to enterprise websites and applications. For more consideration, consult the ReactJS development company for your projects. 

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