Hire the trusted nanny for a Luxury Home!

Working with a Luxury Domestic Staffing Agency is the quickest and finest approach to locating household assistance for a luxury property. Household employees are a luxury in homes worldwide and are not just available to wealthy people and families.

It should be noted that many houses hire live-in nannies and housekeepers to make it possible to run a business. It can be quite challenging for a family with two working parents to function normally without access to household help.

Remember that there is a need for administration, maintenance, and upkeep wherever there are money and luxurious assets.

Private service providers such as estate managers give their principals the chance to feel secure knowing that their family, boat, or other assets are in the best possible hands.

How many domestic employees are required for a luxury home?

According to reports, the standard recommendation for staff size is one housekeeper for every 3,000 square feet. That’s not all, though. Most of the time, the owner has requirements beyond just a tidy dwelling. Nevertheless, the following is a list of the numerous jobs that might be needed in a mansion:

Needed a trusted nanny for a Luxury Home

1. Household manager

A principal administrator who serves as the general manager of a mansion is known as a household manager.

In addition to managing and supervising workers, smaller vacation homes, vineyards, stables, yachts, and private aircraft are among the regions they handle. They are also in charge of managing household finances and budgeting.

2. Maid

Be aware that some residences call for ladies’ maids, chambermaids, kitchens, parlors, and upstairs maids. These jobs, which are more prevalent in luxurious homes, are responsible for cleaning and maintaining a single region of the house. 

Lady maids or personal maids might be required to take care of an employer’s hair, assist with getting dressed and undressed, prepare for excursions, and maintain order in her wardrobe.

3. Butler

Generally speaking, the butler is the most formal member of the household staff. Many excellent applicants will have a certificate in expertise and have attended a specialized school for butler training. 

Remember that a butler is knowledgeable about manners, is responsible for maintaining silver and crystal, and manages dinner parties and other occasions. They are also in charge of overseeing other domestic staff employees.

4. Personal Chef

A private chef creates elaborate menus and food for a person or family and their social gatherings. Notably, they are in charge of all matters about food or the kitchen, including organization, cleanup, purchasing of all necessary food-related materials, and menu planning.

A private chef will also have a degree from a reputed culinary school, and some specialize in particular cuisines like French, Asian and gluten-free diets.

5. Housekeeper

The duties of a housekeeper include managing other staff, maintaining the home, cleaning, dusting, laundry, polishing silver, ironing, vacuuming, running errands &more. They could also have to take care of the kids or prepare some meals. 

An experienced housekeeper will bring expertise in standard serving, table arranging, organization, and superior care for furniture and artwork. A housekeeper may reside inside or outside.

6. Laundress

Be aware that a laundress organizes the dressers and closets in addition to washing, ironing, tablecloths, bed linens & steaming clothes. They frequently know how to fix garments and care for expensive fabrics and embellishments. They might also be expected to take care of shoe polishing.

7. Personal assistant

The responsibility of keeping up with the principal’s social and professional needs is given to a personal assistant. Managing the family calendar, doing your shopping, organizing events, and dealing with bills and bookkeeping are just a few examples of possible duties. The personal assistant should generally be very discrete and aware of the round-the-clock nature of the job.

8. Family couple

Remember that a married pair often assigns one person to the following duties: organizing the menu, managing household duties, cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry, and serving. 

The other person is in charge of the outside grounds, gardening, simple maintenance, machine repair and upkeep, and car maintenance. A domestic pair can successfully manage a large home as a unit and frequently avoids the need for the employer to engage additional workers. In most cases, housing is offered.

9. Caretaker

They might have complete control over the home’s exterior, interior, guest houses, and salt and freshwater pools. A trusted nanny will possess an extensive and in-depth practical understanding of grounds and property upkeep and frequently call for competent handyman/maintenance work.


Working with a Luxury Domestic Staffing Agency is the quickest and finest approach to locating household assistance for a luxury property. But even while we can provide you with the majority of the advice you require for figuring out how many domestic employees are necessary and limiting potential prospects based on your lifestyle; nothing can replace your own.

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