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Happy Skyscraper travels around the world

People who have been participating in this game since 2012 like to laugh and bring smiles to others. They photograph Happy Skyscraper, the smallest traveler in successive places in the world. Read why Happy Skyscraper travels. Get to know some places in the world he has visited

The Happy Skyscraper and the Good Humor Party

The smiling globetrotter has so far been photographed in 700 cities and 70 countries. Anyone can download it from the Internet, glue it, and then photograph it in a public place – in front of a stadium, monument, castle, parliament, and so on. Why do people do this? To make other people smile and became a member of the Good Humor Party. It is a frivolous international organization that was founded in Poland in 2001. The Good Humor Party would like people around the world to be happy and smile more often.

The president of the organization and the founder is a well-known Polish satirist and event caricaturist. He is called one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. It only takes him 100 seconds to make one cheerful portrait!

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki, with a population of 360,000, is located in northern Greece on the Aegean Sea and is the second largest city in Greece (after Athens). The city is the administrative center of the largest Greek region called Macedonia. It was founded in 315 BC by the Macedonian king Cassander and named after his wife Thessalonike. Then it was an important city of the Roman Empire. After being conquered by the Turkish army in 1430, Thessaloniki was within the borders of the Ottoman Empire for 5 centuries.

The Happy Skyscraper came to the ancient empire and decided to see the White Tower or Lefkos Pyrgos. It is the most famous building of the Greek city of Thessaloniki and its symbol. It was built in the 16th century during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Initially, it was part of the city’s fortifications, which were mostly demolished at the end of the 19th century. The tower was rebuilt in 1985, on the occasion of Thessaloniki’s 2,300th anniversary. Currently, the White Tower houses the Museum of Byzantine Culture, and you can enjoy beautiful views from the top.

The Happy Skyscraper was photographed in front of the White Tower and in front of the statue of Aristotle, the famous philosopher of ancient Greece.

Zurich, Switzerland

With a population of 400,000, Zurich is located in north-eastern Switzerland on Lake Zurich. It is about the largest city and a large economic center of Switzerland. It’s a beautiful city, so Happy Skyscraper was here for a few days.

Caen, France

Caen, with a population of 100,000, is located in the north of France and is the capital of Normandy. The English Channel is not far away, followed by Great Britain. The city was founded in the 11th century by William the Conqueror. The Cheerful Skyscraper saw here the defensive walls of the castle, the Gothic church of St. Peter (Saint-Pierre) and the University. Maybe someday he’ll come here again?

If you want to get to know more places and see more photos of Happy Skyscraper, visit the website: Sadurski.com. SuperPolonia.info and DobryHumor.pl. We invite you to cooperate.

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