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Fascinating Lord Ganesha Stories for Children with Morals

God Ganesha is the favorite god of most of the kids. These days there are animation series of Ganesha that kids enjoy to watch. With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, we have got some moral stories related to Ganesha that you can narrate to your children. Read below some interesting stories of Ganesha and enjoy them with your kids:

Ganesha and Kartikeya Story

One day Ganesha and his elder brother Kartikeya found a fruit in the jungle. They quarreled as to who would eat the fruit and didn’t wish to share it with each other. The fruit was of immortality and knowledge, but they didn’t know it. They went to God Shiva and asked him to do justice to them. God Shiva said that the one who will complete three rounds of their world first would get the fruit.

Hearing this, Kartikeya rushed to ride his pet peacock and started taking three rounds of the Earth. Ganesha was a bit doubtful of riding his pet rat for winning the race. He thought for a minute and then started taking three rounds around his parents. Lord Shiva asked him the reason for doing so. Ganesha replied that his parents are his whole world and encircling them three times is equivalent to taking three rounds of the world. Shiva was impressed by the wit of Ganesha and gave him the fruit.

Moral: You should use your wit and intelligence to resolve your problems easily. You should always respect and love your parents.

Ganesha and the Black Cat

God Ganesha was a mischievous and troublesome child. One day, while playing, he saw a black cat and started to treat the cat badly. He pulled its tail, hit her, and picked it up and threw it on the ground. The cat cried in pain but Ganesha was ignorant. When he was bored of playing and tormenting the cat, he went to his mother Parvati.

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He saw his mother lying down on the ground in pain. She was hurt and her body was covered in bruises. Ganesha was shocked to see his mother in this condition and asked her who caused pain to her. Parvati replied that Ganesha caused this pain to her. She said that it was Parvati in the form of the black cat who came to play with Ganesha. He mistreated the cat, and eventually, Parvati got hurt. Ganesha remorsed and promised not to hurt any living being ever.

Moral: You should never hurt animals or any living being with your words or actions. You should be kind and compassionate towards every living creature.

Ganesha and His One Tusk

It is said that Ved Vyas approached Ganesha to write Mahabharata. Ganesha agreed to it but put forward a condition that Ganesh would only write Mahabharat when Ved Vyas would narrate it in a go. Ved Vyas agreed to it and they sat to write the epic book of Mahabharata.

Ved Vyas started narrating the story and Ganesha continued to write it. In between, the quill broke and Ganesha did not have a spare quill. According to the condition they set, Ved Vyas continued to narrate the battle, but Ganesha didn’t have anything to write. In the absence of a spare quill, Ganesha broke one of his teeth and continued to write to finish the book.

Moral: You should complete your tasks and fulfill your commitments irrespective of the situations. Dedication and discipline are the keys for success and keeping up your promises.

God Ganesha and Kheer

One day, Ganesha took the form of a boy and went to a village. He held two bowls in his hands, one bowl filled with rice and another bowl filled with milk. He then approached everyone and asked them to cook kheer for him. Nobody agreed to cook kheer for him as everyone was busy with their things. An old woman agreed and invited him to her hut. The lady put the pot on the fire and went to sleep and Ganesha, as a child, went out to play.

After sometime the lady woke up and checked the kheer. It was cooked and smelled amazing. She was tempted to have it. She offered some kheer to the idol of Ganesha and started having the kheer. Despite the amount she ate, the kheer didn’t finish. When the child returned, she confessed and apologized for having the kheer. She said she was hungry and couldn’t stop eating. Ganesha then said that he too ate the kheer when she offered it to the idol of Ganesha. The lady was surprised and Ganesha blessed her with health and wealth.

Moral: You should always tell the truth and share what you have with others. You should live your life with compassion and always help others. 

Not only the stories, perform Ganesh Chaturthi Puja with your children to seek the blessings for wisdom and knowledge for your children from God Ganesha. Talk to an expert Astrologer to know more about the rituals that you must perform on Ganesh Chaturthi for pleasing Ganesha to bless your children.

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