Exploring the Top Wholesale Ice Cream Suppliers in the UK” 


The United Kingdom is known for its love of ice cream, with millions of people enjoying this delightful frozen treat throughout the year. Whether it’s a classic scoop in a cone or an indulgent sundae, the demand for high-quality ice cream is ever-present. For businesses looking to offer premium ice cream products, partnering with reputable wholesale ice cream suppliers in the UK is essential. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the top wholesale ice cream suppliers in the UK, each known for their delicious offerings and commitment to quality. 

1. Wall’s Ice Cream: 

Wall’s Ice Cream, a beloved brand in the UK, has been producing delicious ice cream for over a century. They offer a wide range of products, including classic ice cream tubs, ice cream sticks, and frozen novelties. With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients, Wall’s is a trusted supplier for businesses seeking the best in traditional and innovative ice cream flavors. 

2. Mackie’s of Scotland: 

Mackie’s of Scotland is renowned for its premium dairy ice cream. Based in Aberdeenshire, they produce a wide variety of flavors, using milk from their own herd of cows. Their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices has earned them a loyal following. Businesses seeking top-quality, farm-fresh ice cream turn to Mackie’s for their supply needs. 

3. Kelly’s of Cornwall: 

Kelly’s of Cornwall is known for its luxurious Cornish ice cream. They use locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods to create their rich and creamy ice cream. With a range of tempting flavors, Kelly’s is an excellent choice for businesses looking to provide their customers with a taste of the West Country’s finest. 

4. Marshfield Farm Ice Cream: 

Marshfield Farm, located in the Cotswolds, is a family-run dairy farm that produces award-winning ice cream. Their commitment to using fresh, organic, and natural ingredients results in an exquisite range of ice cream flavors. Marshfield Farm’s artisanal approach to ice cream-making makes them a top choice for businesses that value quality and sustainability. 

5. Northern Bloc: 

Northern Bloc is an innovative ice cream supplier that focuses on creating unique and adventurous flavor combinations. They use only the finest natural ingredients and avoid artificial additives. Northern Bloc’s commitment to bold and exciting flavor profiles makes them an ideal choice for businesses aiming to offer their customers something out of the ordinary. 

6. Criterion Ices: 

Criterion Ices is a family-run wholesale ice cream supplier in the UK with a rich history dating back to 1920. They produce premium dairy ice cream using fresh milk and cream from the West Country. Known for their classic and indulgent flavors, Criterion Ices is a trusted source for high-quality, traditional ice cream. 

7. New Forest Ice Cream: 

New Forest Ice Cream is known for its delectable ice cream creations, made using locally sourced ingredients. They offer an extensive range of classic and unique flavors, from traditional vanilla to quirky varieties like Eton Mess. New Forest Ice Cream is a favorite among businesses seeking both quality and diversity. 

8. Lovington’s Ice Cream: 

Lovington’s Ice Cream is a Somerset-based producer known for its rich and creamy dairy ice cream. They offer a variety of classic and specialty flavors, using fresh milk from their herd of cows. Lovington’s focus on traditional ice cream-making techniques ensures a classic and consistent quality product. 


The UK boasts a vibrant and competitive wholesale ice cream market, with numerous suppliers offering a wide range of flavors and products to meet the diverse needs of businesses. When selecting a wholesale ice cream supplier, it’s essential to consider the quality of the product, sustainability practices, and the supplier’s reputation. Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, or retailer, partnering with one of the top wholesale ice cream suppliers in the UK will allow you to provide your customers with delicious frozen delights they’ll keep coming back for. 

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