Design Custom Soap Boxes for Your Business

Personalized packaging is the ideal way to market products. There are millions of products that need reputable packaging. We all recognize the importance of soaps as an integral element in our daily lives. However, we use soaps regularly in a variety of ways.
Billions around the world use soaps to wash their bodies. For example, take a shower, wash your face and hands before eating, and so on.
Custom packaging companies like RushCustomBoxes accept orders from manufacturers and offer them many fully customizable options for their packaging.

Kraft Paper

This material is constructe from sturdy pine wood. It’s a sure sign that it’s also sustainable and recyclable. In addition, Kraft came in two distinct colors: brown and white. It does not contain any artificial colors. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly. Today, Kraft is a strong material use to make soap boxes. Detergents and soaps are semi-solid and can be easily adjust in Kraft packaging.


Cardboard is similar to kraft paper, with only a tiny distinction. Compare to kraft paper, the cardboard comes in C1S and C2S form in many colors and textures.
Many types of cardboard boxes are available in the US, such as folding cartons, sleeves, a box with inserts, etc.
The custom corrugated soap boxes are dustproof and protect the items from various physical activities. A corrugated box is mainly used for shipping purposes.
We will discuss the specifics of different corrugated boxes. The thickness is determine by the product type depending on the shipment’s purpose. For detergents and soaps, corrugated E-flat is the most effective option.

Advantages of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard has the corrugated layer, which comprises two layers of cardboard or Kraft placed over the corrugated layer. Thus, this method turns into corrugated cardboard. The channel provides flexibility, and the overlapping layers create a solid curl.

Disadvantages of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated printing processes will result in the most expensive corrugated box on the market. The groove surface can absorb a large amount of printing, resulting in a high cost for businesses.

Box Printing

The printing process makes custom packaging attractive. Without printing methods, no one will be able to see the unique packaging for the box.
Three different printing processes will be discuss in more detail:


The CMYK printing process has four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Black, and Yellow). The other colors are derive from these four colors, with shades; this printing method is used for bulk orders. Large cylinders are use to print custom boxes.
CMYK printing is less expensive than any other printing method. For bulk orders, one cylinder is use for each color.
The CMYK printing process can be expensive for soap boxes because the color cylinders cannot use other colors. The company has to recreate the cylinder for a different color.


This is a custom digital process for soap box packaging. PMS printing is used in digital printers, offering millions of shades of a single color.
Custom Box companies offer their customers a variety of colors so that customers can choose the best colors for the soap boxes they design.
PMS printing processes are the most expensive printing method ever. Since multiple colors can be more expensive than a single color, ink is also expensive when printing with the PMS.


RGB, as well as HEX, are screen printing techniques. But RGB is the decimal number of the computer colors, while HEX is the HASH number that represents the computer colors. The printing process creates an image on the soap box screen that can be custom to allow customers to choose the correct type of soapbox to match their soap brands.

Types of Custom Boxes for Soaps

Packaging can be design in a variety of ways. However, there are a variety of types of custom packaging options that can be use to make soap boxes. Examples of custom boxes are:
Shipping Boxes
Retail Boxes
Display Boxes
Mailer Boxes

Special Effects for Soap Boxes

Effects for print boxes are unique methods according to marketing strategies. Because adding them helps customers a lot to decide on the most suitable soap for personal or private use.
There are several types of listed below:
Die-Cut window with/without PVC film
Hot Foil Stamping

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