Creative Strategies for Local Businesses to Convey E-A-T

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness or EAT is one of the key strategies to improve your visibility, relevance and authority for Google and your audience. When you’re always looking for ways to improve your content and pages, chasing algorithm updates isn’t enough. Producing exceptional content is the way to go. How do you start? With EAT-enriched strategies.

Include Credits and Sources

Cite sources. That’s something we all learn in school. Take that advice to heart when you’re generating content online. Adding sources to your content builds up the credibility and trustworthiness of your pages. That’s one practice that reputable firms do. When you look for a company that provides affordable SEO for small businesses, ask them to cite sources when they generate content for your pages.

Create Engaging Content

Write about the things that engage your audience. Capture your target market’s interest. You’ll need to know what topics resonate with them, what incites their reactions and what topics they follow. Think about different perspectives on the same topics. Share insights. Most content pieces tend to talk about tips, advice, and suggestions. That’s because those are the things that people find the most helpful. Once you have identified your target market, you can take more measures to know them. That will improve the way you deliver your content. Determine their specific needs or buying wants, so you can market your products or services better.

Audit and Update Content

Do you have a lot of content? Once you publish a post, don’t leave it at that. Assess the content you have. You can compile, revise, and update it. Consider gathering three or five articles into one and publishing that into a longer post. You can also update them with new information or photos. There are many ways for you to reuse and recycle your content, so it won’t go to waste. When you have popular posts, consider re-posting them with a witty or engaging caption. That will help improve your website’s EAT factor.

Improve Transparency

People want transparency. People want to see the brands they support being honest and transparent with their business. You can make this happen in several ways.

  • Structuring content helps. Organize your content so all prominent details are easy and quick to find.
  • Use clear headings and titles. Let people know what the topic is all about. People dislike wasting time.
  • Write in a way that they understand. Avoid jargons if they aren’t necessary. The point of your content is to acquire your target market’s trust. You want to communicate with them clearly to achieve that. That’s another way through which you can show your company’s transparency.
  • Set up tags and categories. They help readers navigate your site.

Moderate User-Generated Content

User-generated content can boost your marketing reach and help you expand your target market. Make sure you moderate that space. Set up a few features, so you can manage that step easily.

  • Use a spam filter.
  • Unlink tags that are not aligned with your brand. They have a ‘nofollow’ link.
  • Don’t hesitate to remove or even block trolls.
  • Leverage the space to generate more content.
  • Don’t delete content just because you disagree with it. You can use it as an opportunity to engage in a conversation. If you don’t think that will help, turn off the comments so it won’t attract negative attention.

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