Best Lip Care Tips

Who doesn’t want beautiful lips! We all want our lips to look beautiful but truth be told, very few of us take care of our lips separately. so here are some best lips care tips. Rather, some of us do not even pay attention to the problem of lips. This is the reason that if the problems related to the lips increase, then it takes some time to recover. But by taking care of some important things, we can not only fix the problems related to the lips, but can also enhance the beauty of our lips in everyday life and the day will not be far when people will come and say that wow its lips. How beautiful are they!

Common Lip Problems And lips care tips

Generally people have problems like lip dryness, cracking, pain, numbness, blisters and swelling, which come under common lip problems. If there is pain in the lips, then it feels like sharp, burning or hurting. There are many causes of lip symptoms; They range from mild to severe. The timing of lip symptoms varies widely, and depends on a variety of causes. Symptoms caused by an allergic reaction or injury often have a sudden onset, whereas symptoms caused by an illness can develop over time and recur.

An injury can also cause symptoms of lip discomfort, such as biting your lips or burning from eating hot food. Sometimes, anemia or infection with the herpes simplex virus can also cause problems with the lips. Even a common infection can cause lip symptoms. Lip problems can also occur due to cold and dry weather, infections, nutritional deficiencies or adverse effects of medication.

A rare but potentially life-threatening cause of lip symptoms is cancer. But most lip symptoms are not a sign of a serious condition and they don’t take much to heal. They become dry due to drinking less water, not taking the right diet, they start to scab over them and sometimes blood also starts coming out. Very few of us would be aware that lips do not have pores and hence require proper nutrition and hydration separately.

Following are the common lip problems and their lip care tips:

1. Chapped Lips – Chapping

Chapped lips are usually caused by saliva, licking of the lips, spicy, spicy food and cold, dry weather. With the onset of winter, most of us have to face chapped lips, which dry out the skin layer of the lips, and sometimes lead to swelling. They sometimes become red and scaly. Sometimes blood also starts coming out of the lips and due to pain, it becomes bad. Chapped lips, also called cheilitis [1], are a very common problem and are usually caused by cold, dry weather. For its treatment, we need to keep our lips completely hydrated.

2. Splitting – Splitting

Since our lips are made up of soft and delicate skin, they can easily crack [2] and split in some situations. Although it can be painful as well as bloody, it is not considered a serious problem. But this problem can be troublesome, so it is important to understand and fix chapped lips. Chapped lips, bruising, dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies and the harsh rays of the sun are the causes of chapped lips. To cure it, we need to drink plenty of water and avoid licking our lips.

Suggested –

3. Lipstick Bleeding

You applied lipstick but it started coming off the lips! Obviously you will feel a little embarrassed. No one wants to touch and fix their layer of lipstick over and over again, it also feels quite uncomfortable. For this, first apply invisible lip liner and then concealer so that the colored canvas is ready under your lipstick and it will also act as a primer. After this, start applying lipstick starting from the middle of the lips and after completion, place the tissue paper lightly on the lips and blot by tapping the translucent powder from above. This makes the lipstick set well on the lips.

4. Mouth ulcers – Cold Sores

Mouth ulcers are red colored liquid-filled blisters that form on the lips near the mouth. They are usually made in patches. Mouth ulcers can last for two weeks or more.

A common virus called herpes simplex [3] is the cause of mouth ulcers. It can spread by coming close to someone, especially by kissing. Even when they are not visible, they are contagious and can spread. Mouth ulcers can be aggravated due to problems like fever, cold, sunlight, stress, eczema. It is necessary to go to the doctor to cure it, for some relief you can use petroleum jelly.

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