8 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Artistic Mind of the Family

If you have an artistic family member, getting them a gift that will resonate with them and inspire them to continue growing their craft is a show of acknowledgment and appreciation that leaves them with fond memories of you. Gifting your creative loved one on their birthday or a special occasion such as Thanksgiving or Christmas is, by all means, a gesture to reckon with. Let’s explore some gifting ideas suited for the artistic brain of your gifted family member.


One tangible way to show that you believe in your loved one’s artistic abilities is by buying them a quality stretched canvas. A canvas is a strong, woven cloth traditionally used by artists as support to paint on. It is a very effective platform for artists to express themselves, as they can easily create colorful masterpieces.

Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy is part of most artists’ work, which makes calligraphy sets an excellent gift for your loved one. A calligraphy set is equipped with different pens, such as fountain pens, brush pens, and dip pens, all of which let the gift recipient grow their talent by exploring how they can use the items to bring more expression and vigor to their creative work. Calligraphy sets come in different colors and designs, which makes picking a gift that will match your loved one’s taste quite easy.


A camera is also a perfect gift idea for an artist. Having a good camera implies that they can take great photos of their work or get painting ideas from photos taken. Additionally, an artist can develop another skill set with a camera, as photography is another form of creative expression. You do not have to go all out and buy your kid or sibling an expensive DSLR camera. A point-and-shoot camera can go a long way in showing support and affection to your loved one.

Non-Stick Scissors

Often, artists need to use scissors to cut through different materials to bring out a great art finish. Traditional stainless steel scissors may be inconvenient, especially when cutting through sticky surfaces. 

A pack of Teflon-coated scissors can come in handy in making work seamless, enjoyable, and long-lasting compared to their conventional counterparts. The scissors are aesthetically pleasing, and a pack comes in a mixture of colors, making them a must-get for the artistic loved one in your life.

A Watercolor Set

A watercolor set is bound to put a smile on your loved one as artists enjoy exploring their creative minds without being restricted by expensive oil paints. Most come in a wide range of colors, making them a great way to stretch an artist’s creative limits. They also have many benefits, including being easy to clean, odorless, affordable, and versatile.

Colored Pencils

A set of colored pencils specialized for writing on various surfaces is a good gift for an artist. Having a set of other gifts to go along with pencils, such as a pencil sharpener or a set of fresh erasers, is bound to leave the gift recipient in awe. 

Colored pencils are good for artists who specifically use them as their primary tool and for other artists utilizing other tools or a variety of tools.


It is practically impossible for an artist to tour every museum and attend every exhibition. However, a catalog can come in handy in enabling them to draw inspiration and generate ideas in the comfort of their personal space. 

Getting your loved one a book online with great reviews and ratings can be instrumental in shaping their career or hobby and giving a heartfelt gift that truly resonates with them.


Artists often have loads of ideas running through them, and having a journal where they can jolt them down and create a to-do list so as to prioritize is key. Also, journals are an incredible way to express gratitude and note what is bothering you, which makes them a great fit for an artistic mind.

Bottom Line

The gifts mentioned above are affordable, appealing, and a wonderful way of spicing up the holidays. Appreciating talent and showing support through gifting is a great way of giving a creative boost to your family members to continue pursuing what they are passionate about.

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