6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Bluetooth or a Wireless Headphone

Do you want to get the best audio experience while listening to your favorite song? If so, then a Bluetooth headset is the right choice. This device offers you the best audio-quality experience with its in-built functionalities.

What are these functionalities?


A Bluetooth headphone uses radio waves that allow a smoother connection with your cell phone, computer, or smartphone. Thanks to Bluetooth, which is short-communication technology found in millions of products, There are various factors that make Bluetooth headsets a popular choice, like sound quality, sound technology, ANC (active noise cancellation), and so on.

Take a view of certain features of headsets:

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation):

Active noise cancellation uses a microphone and speakers to reduce background and outside noises. This is basically the most common technology used in over-ear headphones. The technology is based on the microphone, which listens to sound outside as well as inside of the earphone. Thanks to Bluetooth headphones that listen to noises with the help of headsets and create a sound wave automatically. Resultantly, you can hear minimum outside noise and have a pleasurable hearing experience.

Here are some benefits of ANC (Active Noise Cancellation):

  • Helps in protecting your ears from unwanted noise.
  • Offers a better audio experience.
  • Eliminates environmental distractions.

Sound Technology:

Sound technology consists of recording and manipulating sound waves that can lead to better-spoken words, music, audio recordings, and so on. This involves the processes of analog and digital recording. Thanks to DAC (digital-to-analog-converter) which allows the conversion of digital signals to analog music. Further, the decoded music gets transferred to a DAC.

Sound Quality:

Generally, the sound quality of the best wireless headphones depends on the audio codec of the device. Codec refers to a piece of software that helps in encoding and decoding audio. It needs support for both your audio player and headphones.

Here we are listing different types of technology used in sound quality:


SBC is a flexible codec. It facilitates a 48 kHz sampling rate at the depth of 16-bit. This allows smooth transmission of data at the rate of 345 kbps.


aptX is a different technology that allows receiving high-quality audio. It offers “CD” like performance at a bit rate of 352kbps with convenient audio.


Audio latency refers to the time taken by audio data to travel from its source to the headphones. Typically, headsets with a latency in the range of 15 ms to 20 ms are considered optimal. There are multiple factors that affect Bluetooth latency, like codec, interference, Bluetooth version, and so on.

We are considering the following ways to minimize Bluetooth latency:

  • Always stay within the range of your Bluetooth device.
  • Connect and disconnect your Bluetooth device.
  • Go for a different codec.
  • Use Bluetooth(5.0) devices.
  • Disable power-saving mode.


The wireless microphone allows the transmission of audio signals to the connected transmitters. This gets transferred throughout the radio waves. Finally, the receiver produces balanced audio signals through an XLR cable. All credit goes to Bluetooth sound settings that can easily be customized.

Go through the below pointers to adjust your microphone settings:

  • First, turn on your Bluetooth headsets.
  • Click right on the sound icon on the desktop.
  • Now, tap on Open settings.
  • In this step, you get to see the input device in your dropdown menu.
  • Now, select your Bluetooth microphone from the dropdown.


Durability refers to the capacity of a device to work in the surrounding environment without experiencing damage or unexpected maintenance. Thanks to the durability of the best Bluetooth headphones that let you enjoy comfortable hearing in any environment.

Find some additional benefits of durability:

  • Sensitivity or sound pressure.
  • Impedance or electric resistance.
  • Frequency response
  • THD(Total Harmonic Distortion).

Bottom Line:

Everyone wants to buy the best quality headphones and headsets for getting an advanced sound experience. Before buying, you must consider the six above-mentioned features that make the device popular. However, don’t overlook the importance of  THD (total harmonic distortion), compatibility with sturdy design, and so on.

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