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Tarps: The Multi-Purpose Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Most people look for a solution to their problems, but most people wouldn’t expect that solution to be a tarp. Tarps are a multi-purpose tool that you probably didn’t know you needed all that badly. Tarps offer a variety of uses. But why are tarps so important and what sort of things can you use a tarp for?

For Camping

Most people enjoy camping, whether it’s close to home or further out. However, most people don’t realize just how many different pieces of equipment are needed for camping. This is especially true if you plan on staying at your campsite for a few days or even a few weeks. Packing appropriately is often a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

By utilizing tarps for camping, you can make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Should you have enough tarps, you can even replace your tent with them! Tarps can also help keep your tent dry and cool. To do this, place a tarp below your tent and above your tent, affixed on trees or held up with poles. Position your tarps at an angle, that way water runs off your tarp and doesn’t collect on it.

You can also create a privacy cube with tarps by hanging them on trees in a strategic manner. This is great should you have a camping shower, which is full of water and hangs from a tree, to allow for quick showers while camping. The many applications that tarps have when it comes to camping are astronomical, especially if you get creative.

Protective Covering

When looking for tarps for sale, many people look for a bargain. While this is fine when laying down a tarp to paint over, it’s less than kosher when trying to buy a tarp that will last a long time. You’ll want a quality tarp if you are using it as a protective covering. This is perhaps the most common use.

Tarps make excellent protective coverings because they can be affixed to whatever you need. They are waterproof and withstand weather conditions well. Depending on how you use your tarp, they may also help with some temperature regulation. While using a tarp as a protective covering, your tarps will do all of this and more should they be used correctly.

To use a tarp as a protective covering, you’ll want to place one under and above the item that you’re trying to protect. This allows your item to sit on a protective dry surface, while also giving the extra benefit of some temperature control. Make sure that your top tarp is affixed properly, and that it’s at an angle to encourage water run-off and not a collection. Using a tarp as a protective covering is easy, economical, and safe.

For Gardening

Most people wouldn’t consider putting a tarp over their garden. However, doing so is a common gardening practice that can be beneficial for your garden! For this use, you’ll usually want a black, thin, tarp, or you’ll want a translucent tarp. The idea behind this is that the tarp will create a greenhouse effect, spurring growth, while the darkness helps kill weeds. After enough time, you’ll need to puncture the tarp for your plants to grow out, unless they puncture the tarp themselves by growing through the tarp to reach the light.

By utilizing a tarp for your garden, you’ll enjoy the numerous benefits that tarping your garden has to offer. By tarping your garden, you’ll see a decrease in tillage. Tarping your garden also has benefits for killing weeds and prepping your land before you plant anything in the garden. This allows microbacterial activity in the soil to also flourish correctly, at least for a limited time. Many people tarp the land that they’ll garden on to create a perfectly garden-ready plot. There are many benefits that your garden has when being tarped, even if it seems a little strange.

Tarps offer solutions for more than you’d imagine. Most people tend to view a tarp as something you’d throw over a sitting mower when nobody is using it. Maybe you use it to cover your car or maybe you throw one down to paint on when handling a new project. Whatever you have used tarps for in the past, there are plenty more ways that you can use them in the future!

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