Surprising Things You Can Make Out Of Cereal Boxes

Cereal boxes can be turned into different surprising things. They can be used to create mini pocket notebooks, business cards, drawer dividers, gift boxes and much more.

Cereals are one of the favourite foods of people worldwide. If you love taking them for breakfast, you will have a large collection of cereal boxes in some corner of your storeroom. Before disposing of them in the recycling bin, there is another way out. Think about some of the surprising things you can make out of cereal boxes. If you search on the Internet you will find unlimited ideas. All you need is cereal packaging along with some of the basic supplies. The things are super easy to make. Designing them in fun designs and bright colours would be great fun for kids.  Below are some interesting ideas:

Create your Own Business Cards:

You can use custom-printed cereal boxes to make business cards of your own. Buying them from some professional often gets expensive. An easy and inexpensive way is to create them from cereal boxes. First, convert them to a flat sheet. Use their backside to design your business cards. Although they may contain some text or images at the back, it’s fine. They may be used for advertisement purposes.  When you want to create a new one, recycle the old one. This makes a wonderful first impression.

Mini-Pocket Notebook:

Mini-pocket notebooks are extremely cute. You can make them from little cereal boxes available to you. Colour them beautifully using paints, spray paints, markers or whatever you like. Place a small button for closing the notebook and tie a ribbon.  It looks highly adorable.

Craft Miniature Piñatas:

A cereal box container is used to make several kids’ crafts. One of them is little Piñatas. Creating them out of cereal packaging makes a great party favour. Create each of them with a little door at the bottom. Make it easy to open so that treats may fall out. You can close back the door and make them last forever. Decorate it in fascinating colours to grasp the attention of everyone.

Handy Drawer Dividers:

Bright-coloured drawer dividers with patterns make everyone happy. They are decorative, functional and extremely easy to make. You can create a number of them using classic cereal boxes. Use the pattern of cereal boxes as the exterior or cover them with colourful paper for an attractive display. They will not only organize your items but it would be great fun making them.

Spools for Embroidery Floss:

Organizing your embroidery floss is tough. You can create spools for them quickly and easily by using some of the old cereal boxes available to you. If you have special edition packs like sports cereal boxes, they work best. You may create some spools with the same theme. Just cut out the boxes in the required shape. If you want to make them rigid, glue two or three pieces together. This increases the thickness of every spool.  Wrap the embroidery floss around each of them and you have done!

Attractive Gift Boxes:

If you do not have a ready-made gift box for your little gifts nothing to worry about. This problem can be solved by using a box of cereals. These little cute gift boxes are easy to make. If you search on the Internet you will find different ideas to make them. Design them in the shape of a gable box, pillow box or one with stylish locks at the top. Just download the template. Copy it on the sheet of cereal boxes. Fold according to the instructions and your adorable gift box is ready to use.

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