Fast track endorsement route- Global Talent visa

The fast track endorsement route was announced earlier last year and it came as a benefit in disguise to all the Global talent visa aspirants. Apart from some major changes in the policy guidelines for global talent visa UK, this fast track route is a constant endeavour to encourage best and the brightest minds from overseas to come to the UK and continue to help the UK soar globally and become Global Britain.

For many generations now, the UK has led the world with major innovations and inventions. The knowledge and expertise found in the UK has no match anywhere in the world. The UK also ranks 2nd in the world when it comes to having the most number of Nobel Prize winners.

And this fast track endorsement route helps prestigious award winners to directly claim their eligibility by eliminating any additional steps involved in the application process.

Fast track route: overview

The Newly announced fast track route is applicable for those who have won prestigious awards. Those who have this qualification can now have a streamline process with minimum hassles.

The winners of these prestigious awards need no longer to get endorsed through any of the endorsing bodies, but directly apply on the basis of exceptional achievement.

The fields of their achievement can be science, humanities, engineering, medical, digital technology, and arts and culture.

  • Science, engineering, technology and mathematics:  Turing Award, Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Economic Science, Chemistry, and Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, Fields Medal.
  • Arts and Literature:  Nobel Prize in Literature, Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize. Hugo Boss Prize.
  • TV, films, theatre: Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, Bafta Awards for the Best Film Actress/Actor/Director, Tony Awards,  Olivier Awards.
  • Music: Brit Award for International Male/Female, Grammys for Lifetime Achievement Award, Mobo for Best International Act.

The awardees in these categories have established themselves as pinnacles in their careers, their coming to the UK will only add feathers to its cap.

Benefits of a Global talent visa

Innumerable benefits lay ahead in the life of a Global talent visa holder.

  • You can become a self employed person, can choose to work as a Director of a company
  • You can join any UK firm directly, there is no need to get sponsorship from the UK employer, nor does the employer need a sponsor licence.
  • You can bring your dependents, partner and children with you to the UK
  • You can apply for settlement(Indefinite leave to remain) in the UK after 5 years and in 6 years you can apply for British citizenship.
  • You are able to switch your job to any other job without worrying about telling it to the UK Home Office.

How to make a successful application?

You must make an application online with all the necessary documents and pay the visa fee.

The application fee is payable at  £608 and £152 during the initial stage. 

Immigration Health surcharge is payable at £624 per individual per year, and £470 per child per year.

Can you switch to another visa?

It may be possible to switch to a Global Talent vosa while you are on another visa in the UK. However, not all visas allow you to take a Global talent route, only a few of them are eligible for it such as, skilled worker visa, start-up visa, innovator visa, investor visa, Tier 5 Temporary worker visa.

You can also extend your stay on a Global talent visa once you have lived for 5 years.

Application for extension of stay follow the same procedure as for the entry clearance.

A Global talent visa route allows you to settle in the UK. What does this mean for you? It means you and your dependents can live in the UK without immigration restrictions and obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain or ILR status.

UK immigration assistance

While you may be eligible for the fast track endorsement route, it is most important for you to seek legal assistance from UK immigration attorney, A Y & J Solicitors. Their bespoke advice and services can help you through the application process and follow up with the Home Office on your behalf. They can even keep you informed of the changes and updates.

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