Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Phones

Technology has now completely changed our lives. Imagine the life you’d have without a smartphone. Doesn’t it sound impossible? Nowadays, all people use android cellphones, and it can’t be said that they’ve helped us live our lives. However, everything is not without its pitfalls. And it is because today, we can purchase smartphones that fit our budgets due to the wide variety of options available in every price range. As a result, the use of smartphones has grown more popular. Undoubtedly, the Android phone is a fantastic technology but it has drawbacks. Android was invented through Google, and now it is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. All mobile phone companies aside from Apple use an Android operating system. It’s more robust and straightforward to use. However, there are also negatives. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of Android phones.

Advantages of Android phone

1. It offers a wide range of Apps 

As you use Android; it will always be there for you by providing a variety of apps like cleaner app for android. In addition, it offers a variety of apps that perform similar features, allowing the user to choose a suitable app per their needs.

2. Supports third-party apps

One could even take pleasure in installing third-party applications by downloading them from different sites. This flexibility also lets them be more flexible in their options.

3. Internet sharing between devices 

The ability to share the internet via the mobile hotspot or USB Tethering allows sharing of mobile data between several devices. For example, you can use mobile data on laptops by activating the hotspot or sharing the data with family members the same way. Security of passwords ensures that no member is authorized to access the data.

4. An alert of notifications 

Is always a reminder for reports on Android phones’ main screens. Any information that is significant to us, such as email, SMS, missed phone calls, and others, there’s a message to the event. Modern technology has included an LED indicator that flashes when there’s a message

5. Multitasking 

Every Android phone can run multiple apps at once. For instance, when you use Facebook, you can play music simultaneously.

6. Larger Screen

Android phones offer a bigger screen at a lower cost than iPhones.

7. Expandable Memory

Unlike Apple smartphones, Android phones support expandable memory options. If you have lots of data to save and the phone’s memory isn’t able to handle it, then they could connect another memory card to increase the battery capacity of the phone.

Disadvantages of Android phones

1. Run of Apps in the background 

When you decide to switch between one app and another, there is a chance that the app you’ve changed between will be functional and will use up the power and the data in the background. It’s possible that you don’t realize it, but this can be why your smartphone drains its battery quickly.

2. Slow to run

 The operating system takes up large amounts of storage, and a few pre-installed apps are included with their OS. Therefore any device that has low specs is likely to be slow.

3. Overheating

 There is no particular reason why the device is overheated. Still, when you are using multiple applications simultaneously or for a prolonged duration, the machine begins to warm up, and it even starts giving you warnings about similar reasons.

4. Nasty virus protection

 The latest version of Android has begun to improve the protection against viruses, but the system isn’t current and up concerning the latest. Users can download apps from websites and other sources, which is a benefit and disadvantage since it increases the likelihood of a virus infiltrating the system.

These are the advantages above and negatives that, as a consumer, you must consider before purchasing an Android phone. Then, make an informed choice and avoid regretting it in the future.

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